I-Share - Multimedia table for meeting or video-conference
I-RISE - The versatile meeting table for training, coworking
Multiscreen and ergonomic workstation for control and trading room
I-Rise - Versatile meeting table for crisis management or training
I-SHARE - Multimedia meeting table adjustable in height
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Our furniture adapt to your field of activity

Craie Design, ergonomic solutions

I-Rise - Plugs of adaptable meeting table


Aesthetic, functionality, ergonomics

For more than 35 years, Craie Design has been the specialist of ergonomic, multiscreen and professional furniture especially for control and trading rooms. A workstation relies upon regulations, functionality, ergonomics and skills, but also on colors, atmospheres, details that will amaze users as well as visitors. We closely collaborate with our customers to develop a real quality of life at the office.

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