WeMeet reinvents coworking inside your company

With WeMeet, Craie Design offers an innovative solution to answer many needs with functionalities adapted to your own environment. The built-in tools enable to match very easily and in real time the most appropriate collaboration technologies.

WEMEET SHARE RETRACTABLE - Table for coworking and projects introductions to customers

Designed to satisfy our customers, our WeMeet solutions offer several specifications, technical as well as ergonomic, so that each one of them can be adapted according to your one use.

  • Meeting: designer meeting table with built-in plugs
  • Share fixed: data sharing space with fixed screen(s)
  • Share retractable: data sharing space with a retractable screen
  • Conference: remote collaboration and data sharing tool
  • Mixed: innovative all-purpose collaboration solution with a retractable screen
  • Remote: coworking and data-sharing module


Réunion Formation Coworking Visioconférence


WEMEET SHARE FIXED - Versatile meeting table for coworking, collaborative work and meeting

WEMEET MIXED - Table for meeting and coworking spaces

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