SPICE DESIGN – United Kingdom for EUTELSAT – Control Room – Rambouillet, France

“Working closely with M. R., the head of Payload Engineering and Operations at Eutelsat, Spice Design commenced the process of assembling all the ergonomic and technical equipment criteria for the design of the modular consoles into a feasibility planning study as part of the overall fit-out of the new Payload facility. On completion of the console review and evaluation by Eutelsat with Spice Design, Eutelsat actively researched for a manufacturing company with experience in producing high quality control consoles, that utilized reliable electronic components that would deliver consoles with integral height adjustment, but a custom built footprint plan. Craie Design were identified as producing a product range with a proven track record and a range of rugged finishes. The subsequent development of the final console design ReaXion proved to be ideal arrangement to fulfill all the design brief for ergonomic criteria and for the varied demands of operational use.”

JP – Spice Design – London, United Kingdom