I-Kube by Craie Design: a control room for RTE

With nearly 105,000 km of lines, RTE’s grid is the biggest in Europe. 46.2% of extra-high voltage lines transmit electricity over long distances and to 60 cross-border connections with the neighbouring countries.


RTE new regional command room is based near Nantes and deals with the Western part of France. The company decided to equip this new supervision room aimed at telecommunication network management with I-Kube by Craie Design work stations.

A bespoke configuration adapted to our customer’s specific requirements:

  • 13 I-Kube equipped with 6 to 8 screens each
  • Screens and work surface adjustable in height
  • Housing for docking station
  • Signal towers
  • Ergonomic seats 24/7/365
  • Storage furniture



I-Kube is a multiscreen ergonomic work station. Screens and work surface are electrically adjustable in height.


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