Our meeting table in Management Magazine and on our premises!

In its May issue, Management magazine puts the light on our WeMeet collaborative table: “A magical desk. By pressing a discreet button, a screen will merge from the table end. Spectacular… and useful to organize a video conference or share a document. WeMeet Share Retractable, craie-design.fr” (translated from French)

meeting product selection by management magazine


Our magical meeting table on Craie Design premises


A few months ago, we had to think about a new collaborative workspace on Craie Design open-plan premises. This area had to be dedicated to co-working, training and meetings (internal, with customers or providers).

The space to be equipped was open-plan. Our aim was then to create a connected, roomy, light and nice room, as well as to preserve the nearby co-workers quietness.

Our WeMeet Share Retractable table perfectly matches those collaboration needs (screen “out” for data sharing or screen “in” to protect it). Thanks to its designer aesthetics, we could install nice clear glass partition walls. We’ve been using the room for a few months now. All our coworkers and partners really enjoy it!


WeMeet Share Retractable Elemen




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