I-Kube: the trading desk for your trading room

A trading room is the nerve center of all transactions carried out by financial institutions (banks, specialized companies…). Traders working in such environments need to stay focus and comfortable so they can do their job efficiently in an often heated and stressful climate. That’s the reason why Craie Design is pleased to introduce I-Kube, the trading desk adapted to your trading room.


OCP (Office Chérifien de Phosphates) trading room, Casablanca – Morocco


Multiscreens workstations ajustable in height for RTE

I-Kube offers electrical and independent adjustments of the work surface (height) and screens (height/depth). Nowadays, trading rooms adopt flex office more and more often. Your traders are always comfortably installed as they are able to adapt their work station to their own morphology, whatever the desk they are sitting at. They also can vary their positions (sit/stand) throughout the day reducing Musculoskeletal Disorder Hazards (MSD**).  It also helps them to keep concentrated even in the most critical situations.

Its versatility and multiple options (ergonomic adjustments, custom shaped and sized work surface, IT equipment…) allow this work station to match your room volumes and requirements.

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