Optimize visibility in your board room

When you gather a large the number of attendees in your meeting or board room, it’s often difficult to get an optimized data visibility for everyone when they are shared on displays. Lifty makes it possible! This central screen stand is adjustable in height. Coupled with a projector or a main flat screen, Lifty becomes the ideal tool for an effective meeting.


Lifty can come together with a bespoke meeting table according to your needs.

LIFTY - Central totem with video relay monitors

LIFTY - Piece of furniture with video relay monitors

The central stand allows to keep the table work surface perfectly clean for your tablets, note books and so on. Its high position preserves visual contact between all the attendees and noticeably improves the displays visibility. The screens stand can also be totally lowered when you don’t need them. Lifty can also be associated with your automation system by your integrator.

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