Ergonomic workstation for your Cyber Security Center

Cyber security has become an issue of great concern for all businesses nowadays. Continued monitoring and optimum reactivity are then compulsory. As a consequence, workstations in cyber rooms must be designed to enable your operators to react quickly and to stay focused whatever the circumstances. Our bespoke workstation concept matches those needs.



Ergonomic and multiscreen workstation for control room

Multiscreens workstations ajustable in height for RTE

The I-Kube VESA single-arm multiscreen mounting kit is compatible with flat or curved screens (up to 10 screens according to your needs). ). The large work surface remains well-organized as we build your technological devices in. Maintenance operations can easily be undertaken by your technical team, even while your operators are working, thanks to the back and front access to CPUs and cable management.

I-Kube offers electrical and independent adjustments of the work surface (height) and screens (height/depth). Your operators are able then to adapt their work stations to their own morphology with the benefit of a permanent comfort. They can also vary their positions (sit/stand) throughout the day to avoid MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorder Hazards). As a result, it helps them to concentrate, even in critical situations.

I-Kube concept offers versatility and multiple adaptations/options (ergonomic adjustments, custom shaped and sized work surface, IT equipment housing…). Additionally, it allows multiple layouts to match your room volume and constraints.

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