A second I-Kube for Koniambo Nickel

Koniambo Nickel SAS, one of the world’s largest nickel extraction, renewed its confidence in Craie Design with a second ergonomic and multiscreen I-Kube bespoke concept for their dispatch room in Varouto mine.

Work station for Koniambo Nickel

Second bespoke work station for koniambo nickel

Installed at the beginning of the year, the first work station is adapted to 3 screens. Its work surface is 2 m large (78.74’’).

The second one is also a bespoke work station, adapted to 2 screens with a 1.2 m- large work surface (39.37’’).


I-Kube is a designer and resistant ergonomic workstation. It’s adapted to any kind of work environment, from service to dusty industrial fields of activity.


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