I-Rise and I-Kube for your Crisis room

As the COVID-19 pandemic has just reminded us, companies or public administrations might need to activate a crisis unit to deal with a critical situation (natural or technological disasters – health, ecological, political or financial crisis…).

All information flows are centralized and decisions made in that crisis room. Such a space requires technological but also multipurpose furniture as a crisis room is usually a meeting or training room in regular circumstances. Our bespoke concepts I-Rise and I-Kube, do match these needs, each of them in a different way.


With I-Rise you can turn your meeting/training room into a functional crisis room rapidly and easily


 I-Rise in INVS – French Health Department in Paris


Ergonomic and adjustable workstation for a 24/7 use I-Kube is a bespoke concept for your room dedicated to your crisis management

I-Kube in the interdepartemental war room of the French Department of Homeland Security in Paris


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