CCTV workstation

Videosurveillance operators must keep working for many hours in front of multiple screens. It could be hard for them to stay focus all day/night long. Thus, the workstation ergonomics are important to remain efficient but also to stay healthy. It should be possible to carry out maintenance operations without disturbing operators work thanks to an optimum cable management and extra appliances integration.

I-Kube is the answer to all those needs.

I-Kube: ergonomic bespoke concept 

I-Kube concept can be adapted to your specific needs (ergonomic adjustments, custom shaped and sized work surface, multi-screen and IT appliances holders and so on).

Multiscreens work console ajustable in height for RTE


Focus on CCTV projects

Bordeaux University selected an I-Kube with electrical and independent adjustments of worksurface (height) and screens (height/depth). It consists of a 1.80-meter large work surface and a black basis. The workstation can house two 32-inch screens and includes some built-in plugs (power outlets and RJ45 networking ports).

Several companies, in France and worldwide, chose our bespoke workstations for their CCTV control center, e.g. AG Insurance, The Ecole du Louvre, GSK, Paris City Hall, Semitag, Samsung…

Ergonomic workstation for Bordeaux University France

Stop motion I-Kube Workstation


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