I-Kube for your Crisis Room

The situation room of the Interdepartmental Crisis Center (CIC) is regularly activated in Paris Department of the Interior: recently for the terrorist attack at the former offices of Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, for the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 and the “yellow vests” movement in France from November 2018 and on.

It can also be activated for aircraft crashes such as the Germanwings A320 in 2015 or IRMA hurricane in 2017.

A few years ago, the French Department of the Interior selected about 30 I-Kube workstations by Craie Design for their situation room of the Interdepartmental Crisis Center. Thanks to I-Kube, an operational crisis room can be set up in the wink of an eye. This is necessary to coordinate all the involved ministries and the workstation ergonomics (adjustable in height) is essential as the users must stay focus in a long and stressful situation.

The situation room of the Interdepartmental Crisis Center in Paris



The Ergonomic, Multiscreen and Adjustable Workstation for a 24-7 use.

All Craie Design concepts including I-Kube can be adapted to your specific needs (dimensions, finishes, IT appliances and so on). It also allows multiple layouts to match the available volume and constraints of your room.

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