SNCF in Paris – Gare du Nord

SNCF (French Railway Company) renewed its trust in Craie Design selecting I-Kube concept for a second control room (the first one was in Pagny-sur-Moselle in Eastern France): 5 bespoke workstations were designed, produced and installed for Ile de France control room near Gare du Nord rail station in Paris.

This supervision center deals with the incidents reported by operators on railway infrastructures: signage, trackage, catenaries etc. for the whole Ile de France railway network (excluding high speed TGVs).

5 height adjustable I-Kube used by some 20 operators on a three-shift system:


– independent electrical adjustments for work surface and screens,

– wave-shaped work surface,

– integrated pop up plugs,

– mini PC holder,

– for three 27-inch screens.

Nicolas Ignate – SNCF – Supervision Center in Gare du Nord Station – Paris:

“We needed to replace our control room adjustable workstations. Then we started some research within our company and found out that several departments were already equipped with Craie Design motorized tables. We were immediately seduced by the workstation modern design.

As an operation and data analysis unit manager, I was convinced we needed modern and pure furniture to match with our high-tech premises. The workstation customization finally convinced us to place an order.

The installation was completed 3 months ago. The desks are nice and quiet and bring my operators such a satisfaction that I can notice it on their quality of work.”


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