WeMeet furniture concept for your Huddle Room

Covid-19 pandemics deeply changed work organization. The way we meet and more generally the way we collaborate were especially affected with home office generalization, social distancing at the office etc.

At a time when many companies are seeking to reduce their costs and to optimize their square meters, many questions araise. Is it stilI relevant to dedicate large spaces to this new kind of meeting? How can we efficiently bring together remote and onsite employees? How can we maintain those meeting spaces as action and decision-making places?

Huddle Room is a relatively compact meeting room that has settled little by little in our working space for the last years.

Smaller than traditional meeting room, cosy and connected, this kind of space fosters communication between attendees. It’s also a quiet and closed space that enhances concentration.

This useful and design meeting space is organized in a thoughtful and effective way that is perfect for:


– video-conferences,

– co-working in small groups

collaboration with remote workers,

– improvised and informal quick meetings

– as well as harder working sessions.

As a consequence, a huddle room is an alternative solution to over-sized traditional meeting rooms. Combined with efficient digital equipment, it becomes a successful meeting space!



WeMeet range of furniture is the answer to these new collaborative needs


WEMEET SHARE RETRACTABLE - Connected meeting table with retractable screen

Each WeMeet table has a central box with built-in plugs and can be customized to your needs (dimensions, finishes and so on.). They are designed to house your digital equipment.


For more than 40 years, Craie Design has been the specialist of ergonomic, multiscreen and professional furniture.

Thanks to its creativity, Craie Design develops solutions adapted to everyone’s needs, even specific ones.The different concepts designed by the company offer a functional and attractive working place. It will help improving working conditions and enhancing your collaborators’ performance.



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