Multiscreen and ergonomic consoles
Multiscreen and ergonomic workstation for cyber room
Multiscreen and ergonomic workstation for supervision room
Ergonomic multiscreen consoles for control room
Ergonomic and multiscreen workstation for control room
Comfort, health & technology at work

Flexibility for your control, trading, cyber defense rooms workstations, CCTV centers, social war rooms, war rooms and much more applications.

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Its sober lines remind the geometry of a cube which naturally gave its name to the I-Kube

It was selected in 2011 by the “Observeur du Design”. I-Kube console has an essential function, the utmost integration of your technological appliances that provides the operator with personalized ergonomics. Ergonomics have become necessary due to the fast growing number of MSDs and their significant consequences on workers well-being and their efficiency at work.

A rigorous quality control

As all our pieces of furniture, I-Kube was designed with an innovative approach, integrating all our patented systems. Our models and trademarks were also registered. We focus on a harsh quality control to offer you the best of our know-how. Its flexibility and numerous options enable I-Kube console adaptation to any field of activity.

A bespoke concept that will adapt to your profession

control, trading, cyber defense rooms workstations, CCTV centers, social war rooms, war rooms and much more applications.

I-KUBE - Multiscreen and ergonomic workstation for control rooms

The multiscreen and ergonomic workstation

  • Functionality and aesthetics
  • Possible evolution thanks to its modular concept
  • Ergonomics for a three-shift use
  • Easy to install and maintain

  • CRAIE DESIGN - Screen mouting kits compatible VESA compliant

  • CRAIE DESIGN - I-Kube Observeur du Design 2011 - Logo

  • Work surface available in different lengths: from 1,200 to 2,600 (47.24 to 102.36 inches)
  • Deep work surface – 1,000 mm (39.37 inches)
  • VESA single-arm multiscreen mounting kit
  • Cables management from technical floor to central foot
  • CPU cables management inside the connection tunnels

  • Electrical and independent adjustments of work surface and screens (height/depth)
  • Setting software for the different adjustments
  • Positions memorization of workstations used in a three-shift system
  • Safety system detecting human or object presence when adjusting the workstation
  • Acoustic optimization at several levels for the utmost auditory comfort
  • PMMA (Plexiglas© like) aesthetical shields to mask the back part of the screens and their wires, and bring a dynamic touch of color
  • Custom shaped work surface on specific demand (curved or so).
  • Large range of supporting systems to house your CPUs
  • Integration kits for numerous appliances, specific to each filed of activity
  • Personal belongings locker for operators working on three-shift system
  • Assembly and on-site installation – factory assembly also possible

  • Wild cherry
  • Pearl grey
  • White
  • Plain Graphite
  • White
  • RAL 1019
Our R&D Department is at your disposal
for any other customized request
Curve screens on ergonomic workstation
Ergonomic workstation with curve screens