I-Rise - Flexible table for meeting, training or crisis management
All-purpose meeting table
I-Rise - All-purpose table for meeting, training, crisis management
I-Rise - All-purpose table for meeting, training or crisis management
I-Rise - All-purpose meeting table
I-Rise - Versatile meeting table for crisis management or training
I-RISE - All-purpose table for meeting space
I-Rise - Plugs of the all-purpose meeting table
I-Rise - Storage under the all-purpose meeting table
Attractive flexibility

A meeting room that turns out to be a training or a video-conference room in the wink of an eye?
Craie Design made it with I-Rise!

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Imagine a modular and aesthetically pleasing space…

Thanks to retractable screen mounts and their electric control system, I-Rise can easily match your needs whatever your activity is. You can move effortlessly from a nice meeting room to a functional training or a video-conference room.

I-Rise can also offer an individual or team working place setup. This new modular concept is a real 4 in 1 piece of furniture offering space saving together with a contemporary design.

… where each work station is protected

I-Rise can host IT appliances of your choice. Thanks to two pull down shutters located above your work surface, your screen and accessories (keyboard, mouse…) are protected when not in use. Your CPU is totally safe inside a locked cabinet.

I-Rise: a solution for each situation

Meeting, board of directors, training, crisis management, video-conference and many other applications.

CRAIE DESIGN - I-Rise - Versatile meeting table for training, crisis management...

The ultimate versatile meeting table

  • Modular concept: meeting, training, video-conference & workstations
  • Contemporary design
  • Protection and safety for your IT appliances
  • Efficient cable management
  • Easy access for IT maintenance

  • CRAIE DESIGN - Screen mouting kits compatible VESA compliant

  • Retractable VESA screen mount compatible with most of 27″ screens
  • Electric screen control thanks to up/down buttons
  • 2 customizable plugs within easy reach (USB, jack & RJ45)
  • Storage space for accessories like keyboard, mouse, headset etc.
  • CPU holder compatible with most of the products available on the market
  • Optimization of airflow for CPU and screen
  • Work surface with specific shape or dimensions on request

  • Built-in plugs in the cabinet (USB, mini-jack or RJ45)
  • Removable acoustical work place divider
  • Assembly and on-site installation, factory assembly also possible

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • White
  • Gray
  • White
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • Gray
  • White
  • Peacock Blue
  • Apple Green
Our R&D Department is at your disposal
for any other customized request
I-Rise - Storage of the flexible meeting table
I-Rise - Plugs of the flexible meeting table