LIFTY - Piece of furniture with video relay monitors for board directors
LIFTY - Piece of furniture with video relay monitors
LIFTY - Central totem with video relay monitors
Optimum data sharing

A meeting or board room where data must be seen by all the attendees? Craie Design made it possible with Lifty.

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Whatever the way you use your meeting room, data shared on displays must be visible by anyone.

And this is even more true when the room and the number of participants are large. Indeed, Craie Design offers an innovative and ingenious solution: your meeting room will turn into a multipurpose space. Lifty is a central totem, electrically adjustable in height, where video relay monitors are located. Visibility is thus optimized for everyone.


When meeting do not require viewing on displays, the totem can be totally lowered. This lifting system can be associated with your automation by your integrator. Its central position allows to keep a perfectly clear work surface for your laptops, tablets, note-pads etc.

Along with a projector or a main flat screen, Lifty becomes the perfect ally for meeting, for the
upmost comfort of all the attendees.

LIFTY - Piece of furniture for video relay monitors for board directors

Central totem for meeting or board room

LIFTY - Piece of furniture for boardroom with video relay monitors

  • Multipurpose space:  meeting, board, training, coworking, video-conference…
  • Bespoke personalization
  • Comfortable visualization on relay screens
  • Protection & securing for your AV material
  • Easy access for IT maintenance
  • Efficient and aesthetic cable management

  • CRAIE DESIGN - Screen mouting kits compatible VESA compliant

  • Craie Design can provide totem only or along with a bespoke meeting table
  • Screen attachment compatible with most of flat screens on the market
  • Electrical control of totem lifting system
  • Optimization of cables and small AV appliances
  • Optimization of airflow depending on AV material used

  • Bespoke meeting or board table
  • Possible connection of the lifting system with your automation system by your integrator

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • White
  • Gray
upper part
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • White
  • Gray
Our R&D Department is at your disposal
for any other customized request
LIFTY - Piece of furniture for meeting or boardroom
LIFTY - Central totem for board of directors for video relay monitors