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Translated from French – Built-in tools enable a fast and easy adaptation to the most appropriate collaborative devices in a single space.

WeMeet range by Craie Design reinvents coworking and company management. Its innovative solutions answer multiple needs and offer functionalities adapted to any kind of environment.

WeMeet solutions present technical and ergonomic specifications that can all be adjusted to different kind of use:

  • Meeting: designer meeting table with built-in plugs,
  • Share: data sharing space with fixed or retractable screen(s)
  • Conference: remote collaboration and data sharing tool,
  • Mixed: innovative all-purpose collaboration solution with a retractable screen.



INFOBUROMAG - Craie Design article WeMeet range - collaborative work furniture

WEMEET CONFERENCE - Meeting table for coworking and videoconference

WEMEET MIXED - Table for meeting and coworking spaces