Videoconference furniture for SIGMA

Sigma Clermont is an engineering college based near Clermont-Ferrand (Central France). Our customer was looking for a bespoke concept for its unusual round-shaped board room.

WeMeet Conference is a complete solution for a perfect integration.  As far as this project is concerned, the solution consists of a table for 14 attendees and a piece of furniture housing a large screen and a videoconference system. SIGMA Clermont selected a white finish in harmony with the sober and soft colors of the room.

This bespoke furniture is composed of a work surface and a screen box:

  • – A 14-seat table includes 2 plates with different kind of built-in plugs and some storage space for small appliances such as a mini-PC, a compact keyboard, a mouse…

-The screen box has been designed to welcome one 55-inch screen as well as the camera in an alcove. It also includes lockable storage areas for codec, CPUs or documents

Need other colors or dimensions? Contact us!


WEMEET REMOTE - Piece of furniture for meeting or video-conference



You would like a different configuration with separate table and screen box or maybe you already have a meeting table and you want to keep it?

Such as WeMeet Conference, WeMeet Remote is a stylish and compact furniture with secured storage spaces for small IT, AV and/or videoconference devices or some documents.

You can select the finish color to match your own table or your WeMeet Meeting table.

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